Thank you for your visit! I extend a warm welcome to you, much like the inviting atmosphere around a campfire on a serene Minnesota summer evening spent with your cherished family and friends.

During my college days—go Jackrabbits—I harbored a deep-seated desire to delve into the realm of photography. However, it wasn't until I crossed paths with my husband, Dave, some years later that my photographic aspirations transformed into a tangible reality. Residing in Charlotte, North Carolina, Dave surprised me with my inaugural DSLR camera and enrolled me in my very first photography class. Fast forward to today, and I live, love, and consistently nurture my passion.

Over the years, through the lens of my camera, I've had the privilege of capturing the beauty of weddings, seniors, families, and the wonders of nature. It became evident through this journey that my true passions lie in portraying the essence of seniors, families, business professionals, and the breathtaking landscapes of nature—this is where my skills and talents truly shine through. I look forward to sharing these passions with you!

owner and photographer behind studio sixty-four photography

hi, I'm leann

it's nice to meet you!

We thoroughly enjoyed working with you. You made the entire process so easy! Thank you for making Ethan's senior photo experience enjoyable and as stress-free as possible.
~ Meg H.

why our clients choose studio sixty-four

As a valued client of Studio Sixty-four, I tailor your experience, carefully curating a seamless and stress-free journey. Throughout your session, I’ll expertly guide posing, empowering you to exude self-confidence and capture stunning images. 

When your photos are complete, I offer a wide selection of heirloom custom-sized art pieces, including a beautifully crafted leather album destined for your coffee table. 

Studio Sixty-four’s offerings even cater to the do-it-yourself creatives, providing your digital photos so you can create whatever you choose. Embrace a photography experience that goes beyond the ordinary, where every detail is designed to celebrate your individuality.

I meet you where you are, capturing you, your world.

experienced excellence

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I watch way too much HGTV

I hope I'm not the only one?!  In fact, I should probably start a support group. :)  The only problem is that I want to redo most of my house, well, in my dreams of course.  Some day right?   

I am obsessed with music

Wherever I am, you can bet the music is on.  I love anything from Classic Rock to Country and oh a few other genre's in between.  My husband and I love traveling around the U.S. to see our favorite artists, especially if it's in a city we've never been to before.  Win-Win!  

I love flowers

In fact, I love flowers soo much that I have 4 gardens.  If you come out to my property in the summer for your photo session, you'll see what I mean, and I'll probably stuff you smack dab in them.  ;)

my beautiful driveway!